We may not have the same number of first time home buyers as we did when the government was offering incentives but there are still many searching for that first house to call a home.

There is no perfect home.

I can’t count the number of times a client would say, “If only we could take this house and put it on the other home’s lot.”

There Are a Lot of Houston Homes

Keep in mind there are a lot of homes on the market because of the size of Houston. Right now there are 14,711 homes! That doesn’t even count the farms, multi-family homes, vacant lots and other properties in the real estate market.

You can (and should) read a lot about the local real estate market. There are some very important things that you need to watch for as a first time Houston home buyer.

There are bad neighborhoods, houses with underlying structural damage, etc. You need to become aware of these factors. But the one thing you can’t read about is the feeling that comes over you when you have been desperately looking for the right place and then suddenly find it. It is the feeling of finding the perfect home!

First Time Buyers Can Get Discouraged

As a first time Houston home buyer, you may get discouraged, but don’t let it get you down.

It may take some time before you find the house you can call home. You may feel that it is all a wasted effort. A lot of clients hit this point of frustration right before they see the house they want. It’s like magic. The desperation comes and then the home pops up.

In Houston there are approximately 120 listings added every day. Some of these homes have incredible designs that are simply inspiring. The thing is that you need to find the one that inspires you. Then you’ve got it.

You’ll Know When You Know

You will know a home is right for you when you feel it. You can walk into this Houston home and imagine your furniture in it. You can envision stepping out into the back yard on a sunny day with a cold drink in your hand. Everything fits together perfectly, and the small things that aren’t perfect really don’t matter.

A top real estate agent will want you to get exactly what you want. It’s your job to communicate the criteria that’s important to you. He’ll need to possess a feeling of what you want and then show you what’s available. A good agent will never give up until you are fully satisfied and happy with your final decision.

This is really all there is to it. You’ll know when you know. There is no big secret that a first time Houston home buyer doesn’t have access to. The right house is out there waiting for you. You just need to find it.


Author: Tre Pryor is an Internet-veteran turned tech-savvy Realtor specializing in Louisville real estate. One of the top Louisville agents, you can find his work at LouisvilleHomesBlog.com and InsiderLouisville.com.