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Beautiful Houston Patio CoverPatio covers shield your patio or deck from the elements. Constructed of wood, stone, brick, metal or fabric, these structures add significant value to your home without a huge investment from you.

Additional space

A patio isn’t a true room of your home, but it is additional space you utilize for visiting with friends, relaxing with a book and a cup of coffee, or quiet conversation with your family at the end of the day. Placing a patio cover over the patio or deck protects the space and allows you and your family to use the space more often than before.


A patio cover allows you to utilize the patio as entertainment space, even on the hottest days of the year. A patio lends itself to more casual entertaining, like cookouts and pool parties. A patio is also a good place for any potentially messy party games, like a piñata. Having a patio cover increases your ability to use this space as an entertainment area.

The patio cover also protects the patio area, allowing you to personalize the space without fear of ruining what you build. Perhaps it is time to build an outdoor bar or kitchen? Putting these items under a patio cover will protect your valuable investment, add to the overall value of your home and be utilized often as you entertain family and guests.

Curb appeal

In our fast paced world, leisure time is a disappearing commodity. A patio cover not only provides additional space, but it is additional space devoted to entertainment and leisure. Knowing you have a relaxing and inviting space to come home to adds to the curb appeal of your home.

Enjoy the outdoors

A patio cover protects you from the heat of the sun. People with patio covers are more likely to utilize the patio, even on the hottest days of the year. This increases the number of days you can sit on the patio and enjoy watching the birds and the squirrels in your yard. This also provides more time to enjoy fresh air and sunlight.

Protect your home

A patio cover protects your home from the elements. The roof of the cover shifts rain water away from your home, protecting the integrity of your foundation. The patio cover also protects your windows and doors, maintaining their seal and increasing the energy efficiency of your home. The patio cover protects the siding by diverting wind and rain from the house.

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Property taxes are based on the assessed value of your property recorded by your local government’s tax records office. The local property tax assessor can determine property value using various methods such as if a certain neighborhood becomes a popular place to live or if market pressures, such as inflation, have influenced property values.

In recent years, several events have decidedly driven down the value of properties in many markets. Your focus, as a property tax payer, must be in knowing the current value of your property in today’s market. Your property tax must reflect the current property market and be appraised at a similar value in comparison with other comparable properties in the same area.When you receive a notice of an assessed valuation of your property, and you do not feel it represents its current market value you can, within a specified timeline, dispute the validity of your property tax assessment. (This site  is an excellent resource on the subject).The assessor will not lower the property tax assessment unless you have thoroughly researched the key indicators and are prepared to defend your position that the assessed tax value was based on incorrect assumptions or data. Try here for more information.

To challenge your property tax assessment you must:

● Ensure that the assessment report correctly lists the square footage of your home and the size of you lot.

● Compare the appraised value of similar properties in your neighborhood to the appraised value of your property

● Obtain the selling price (market value comparisons) on at least three to five homes that recently sold in your neighborhood.

After you have obtained and verified the above information and have determined the tax assessment of your property is incorrect, then prepare this information and submit your petition to challenge the assessment.

The assessor’s office will then review your submitted petition and usually provide a written decision to you within a few weeks. If you still disagree with the assessor’s decision, you can continue to appeal, even into the judicial court system.